Freedom to Write created or recommended software

Freedom to Write has projects we develop (Direct Projects), affiliated projects we help support (Member Projects), and unaffiliated projects we still recommend (Unaffiliated Projects).

We also publish criteria for each type of project's acceptance.

Direct Projects


A classless CSS framework for lightweight, readable, accessible, and responsive content-focused websites. All of the beautiful design with none of the distracting fluff.

Want to see it in action? You already have: the Freedom to Write website is styled by readable.css!

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Open Prompts

An open yet curated list of public domain writing prompts. Open Prompts is still under development and not ready for full release. Still, you can stop by the code repository to see if there are any ways for you to help!

Source Code

Member Projects

There are not yet any member projects. We expect applications to become a member project to open soon.

Non-Official Projects

We have yet to recommend any non-official projects. Stay tuned for recommendations!